Local Campaign Pledges

  1. Defend our NHS and protect St Helier HospitalI will fight for at least £220m for a modernised full acute service St Helier Hospital plus a Cancer Hub supported by London's Mayor as well as more money for carers
  1. Give all children a chance to achieve their potentialI want to increase comprehensive secondary places available in central and south Sutton, plus achieve universal free school meals and childcare. 
  1. Protect Our Local Environment.I will demand a public Inquiry into the abysmal delivery of the Council's new bin scheme and fight the building of a school on Rosehill Park.  
  1. Make our neighbourhoods saferI will work with the Mayor of London to secure more frontline police in your neighbourhood and introduce stronger rights for victims.  
  1. A Fair and Safe BrexitLabour will seek to retain the benefits of the EU Single Market & Customs Union plus an EU Rights and Protections Bill. 


Key Labour Policy Pledges:

  1. Labour will create jobs and protect living standards.Working people are set to be on average over £1,400 worse off a year, many are in insecure jobs and six million people earn less than the living wage. Labour will invest in infrastructure, skills training, co-operative businesses & a £10 per hour Living Wage.  
  2. Labour will deliver affordable homes for all.The Tories can’t fix Britain’s housing crisis. Under them house-building fell to its lowest level since the 1920s & home ownership is the lowest for a generation. Labour will build 1 million homes in 5 years to rent & buy, scrapping letting fees & creating a charter of private tenant's rights.  
  3. Our NHS can’t take 5 more years of the Tories.Our NHS is at breaking point under the Tories cuts, closures and privatisation - waiting lists have soared to around 3.8 million and it’s getting harder than ever to see your local GP. Labour will strongly reaffirm the NHS as a fully public service, free at the point of use.  


About Sutton and Cheam Labour

Sutton and Cheam Labour is by far the largest political party in the constituency with around 510 members and 300 registered affiliates and supporters. We comprise:

  • 3 local members branches (Sutton, Sutton Downs and Worcester Park & Stonecot)
  • 7 locally affiliated trade unions (includes: UniteUnisonGMB and CWU). Full list of eligible unions here if you want your own union to affiliate with us locally
  • A Local Co-operative Party branch - a sister party to Labour with which we run shared candidates
  • A Local Fabian Society Group - an affiliated socialist society and think tank that has lots of local political discussion. All the other socialist societies, covering lots of interests and which have regional groups that our individual members belong to are also here
  • A General Committee, to which all members are invited, meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month except August and December
  • An Executive Committee which meets monthly except August to plan our activity

as well as all the local and national campaigns and community groups our local members are actively involved with. Our ongoing aim is to build stronger networks in the community to campaign for social change 

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