In the last 10 years, Sutton has dropped 200 places in the 390 councils’ recycling league table. Attempting to compensate for this, in the run up to local elections, the Lib-Dems have indulged in the costly publicity gimmick of dumping 11 tons of rubbish in the High Street. At the same time, the council have refused to show visible support for the Save St Helier Hospital Campaign by not allowing slogans on the side of council vehicles. The Council is prepared to fight a judicial review in order to secure an incinerator in the borough, yet it is not fighting for the return of £219 million promised investment for St Helier Hospital. The Lib Dem run Council is in disarray; it lacks a sense of strategic direction and it doesn’t have the courage to make a positive difference to the lives of people living and working in Sutton.

Do not assume UKIP shares your values. The truth is they are even more likely to look out for the privileged few than the Tories. They want to introduce a flat tax rate – a tax cut for the richest, a tax rise for everyone else and would scrap a series of employment protections.

Labour provides the only credible progressive agenda that will deliver change for Sutton, which we set out in this borough manifesto. We will continue to engage with local people to find sustainable solutions, to act in the interests of our community and put confidence back into public services. Labour are with you and for you in these tough times.