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Labour – Delivering Change Not Excuses

There is much to celebrate about Sutton but we could make it so much better and do so much more.  

Labour want to protect St Helier hospital, end the incinerator contract and secure a proper waste collection service whilst delivering the change that is needed in housing, education, and the environment. The policies set by the Liberal Democrat council ignore the needs of so many of our residents. They used the Tory “Big Society” policy, adopted whilst they were in coalition with the Tories to outsource our services to unreliable profit-driven contractors. They have also cut Council staffing to the bone so are unable to oversee the services it has externalised into unaccountable multi-borough contracts.

We recognise that the Tories’ politically driven austerity has reduced services and made councils act more like property developers than democratic service providers. Electing a Labour Council will be a big start in changing this. However, we recognise that only the election of a Labour Government committed to the radical polices of its 2017 General Election Manifesto will enable us to fully deliver all the change that Sutton residents aspire to.

Here are our pledges for a better Sutton that will help local families to live better lives in our borough.

Vote Labour on May 3rd to get Councillors who will work for you to deliver these 10 pledges

  1. Keep all acute services at our St Helier Hospital and stop any plans that threaten healthcare for all. We will oppose Trust cuts to any services like A & E and Maternity from our local hospital and any further privatisation of our NHS health services. We support a properly integrated and accountable, publicly owned, publicly provided and adequately funded NHS.
  2. More quality Sutton school places for Sutton children. We demand more Borough school places for our children to reduce unwanted out of borough placements. We will support Sutton’s head teachers in their campaign against cuts to their school budgets & staff and seek to increase accountability and transparency of academy schools to reduce the attainment gap between pupils from poorer households and those from wealthier backgrounds. We oppose the Government’s forced academisation programme and want to see a mix of both municipal-run schools and Co-operative School Trusts
  3. Provide secure homes for all and build more genuinely affordable, council housing in our borough. We seek to reduce homelessness, protect tenants through greater controls on landlords and work towards more affordable housing options enabling young residents to stay in Sutton. This would include a shared ownership scheme or housing co-operative. We will act to ensure all tall buildings are safe from fire and provide a better repairs service to improve council homes with the Council still a landlord and with tenants’ rents being capped. We will work with other boroughs in London to develop a private landlord licensing scheme. 
  4. Make our neighbourhoods safer and cleaner and clear up the mess of #SuttonBinShame & the Beddington Incinerator. The contracting out of our waste services to remote multi-authority bodies has produced these environmental disasters. We will negotiate an end to the Incinerator contract and put a proposal to end the contract to residents via a referendum. We will conduct a public enquiry into the waste collection disaster and the contract with Veolia as well as seek to bring more council services back in-house. We will increase recycling rates & create a cleaner borough and more quality, green jobs.
  5. Plan for better, affordable public transport in Sutton. We will demand that rail management contracts & franchises designed to keep fares high, destroy jobs and extract profits are ended to allow Transport for London to run our rail services. We will work for a successful extension of the Tramlink service into Sutton.
  6. Fight for a fairer cost of living not putting you in debt. We will set a fair rate of council tax to pay for service improvements and we will set out a 4-year finance strategy so residents know what to budget for. We will run cheaper energy schemes, tackle expensive lending locally and provide better advice services to help you get on. We support abolition of the unfair “bedroom tax” and the establishment of a local Fairness Commission and a Co-operative Development Agency.
  7. Give you a proper say, with stronger more accountable local committees, with the opportunity for them to become community councils. Participatory budgeting for the public and citizens’ panels and juries allowing the local people of Sutton to be at the centre of things to drive the changes we need, not bureaucrats or professional politicians.
  8. Provide secure, quality job opportunities and attract new business into our borough. We will defend workers’ rights: challenge discrimination, the toxic nature of many gig economy’ & zero hours contracts and seek a living wage for all contracted-out workers, including carers.
  9. Tackle crime and graffiti, and let the borough look run down. We will work with the Mayor of London to locally fund extra safer neighbourhood Police in high crime areas in Sutton under the Mayor of London’s “2 for 1 deal” to make you feel safe and secure.
  10. Stop the decline in local arts, sports & culture bringing back theatre to the only borough in London without it, expanding our library service and making our parks our pride and joy.

Sutton Labour: for the many, not the few.

We want to create a more accountable, responsive and transparent council to ensure real local democracy and representation. Why not join us in our campaign? We are the largest Party in the borough with more members than the Tories and Liberal Democrats combined. Together we can make Sutton a place for the many, not the few!