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Safe and Secure

Sutton has been a low-crime borough, but fear of crime is high. We will tackle that so people are not only safe, but actually feel safe.

Labour will:

Crime and Policing

1. Set a clear measurable target for reducing the fear of crime within the borough. This can only be achieved through a highly visible policing strategy. We will also seek to maintain the Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

2. Discuss with the Mayor of London how Police bases in the borough can be retained including Police bases at Worcester Park and Wallington. We also want to commit him to protect front-line services even if some back-office services are merged.

3. Discuss with the Mayor of London how the borough could buy in extra Policing to target key local areas with higher crime such as a 2 for 1 scheme.

4. Consider developing a voluntary levy of pubs and clubs in Sutton High Street to pay for additional policing of the area in the evenings.

5. Provide long-term commitment, stability and assured funding for local independent domestic violence advocacy and support services and expand evening and night services which are often times when they are most needed. Domestic Violence and abuse is the biggest crime in Sutton and 1 in 4 women are victims as are some men.

6. Introduce "Graffiti Removal Notices" to enable speedy clean-up of private property. Promote more schemes where residents are given paint to paint out graffiti on their fences. At the same time, as part of the town regeneration cultural zone we will create places and spaces for ‘street art’.

7. Take your security seriously. We will inform the public of emergency planning procedures, while maintaining necessary local precautions against criminal or terrorist actions.

8. Focus resources on a key local outcome of reducing youth re-offending and will develop joined-up work with partner organisations to make progress in this area.

9. Minimise the impact of multiple roadworks impacting on the work of emergency services.

10. Develop a Hate Crime strategy and work with local groups to combat this ensuring we challenge racism, sexism, ageism, anti-LGBT, anti-disabled, anti-Semitism and anti-Islam hate activity including online activity as much as physical activity.

11. Develop a cyber-crime strategy for the borough working with banks and other institutions that hold data of local people. This would include strong local public information campaigns as well as working closely together.

12. Ensure Victims are supported and make sure the Victims fund is accessible to all residents with minimum form filling.

13. Investigate any local evidence of modern slavery in local businesses seeking to ensure a Living Wage and workers retain control of their earnings. We want to see more spot checks on nail bars, restaurants and takeaway outlets.


14. Ensure street lighting is kept on at night to make communities feel safe and secure

15. Properly regulate Private security services regarding staff training and whether staff are fully DBS checked. We would be keen to encourage trade unions

to be involved with recruiting and training staff in this employment area

16. Develop a Visible Presence on the Street through regular Community Action Weeks with all of Sutton’s Partners operatives to be out on the streets so as to be seen to reclaim certain areas.

17. Develop a Local Respect campaign and strategy as well as putting more effort into enforcement over noisy parties.

18. Continue the fixed and mobile CCTV cameras scheme and for the Council to provide a subsidised service for the sale of small private CCTV camera systems to individuals in less well-off communities.


19. Expand local mediation services to help with preventative activities that might help stop violence or crime happening.

20. Work with Police and courts to develop a strong local restorative justice strategy so local criminals fully appreciate the impact of their actions and work to put things right where this is possible. We should look at how we localise this in the borough following the Tory/Lib Dem coalition closure of Wallington Magistrate’s Court.

21. Work with the Police and local stakeholders to both review and substantially change the Prevent strategy in the borough to ensure it works with the consent of local communities who are most impacted by it.

22. Ensure there is better rehabilitation for young people to keep them away from crime and anti-social behaviour. We currently have little youth provision and gangs prey on young people with nothing to do.

Fire Safety

23. Stand up to protect both Sutton and Wallington Fire stations.