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Protecting Arts, Sport and Culture

Arts, sport and culture are under pressure from cuts. Labour will ensure that we protect provision in order to contribute to local people’s well-being. We will work with local people to build viable thriving communities with arts, craft, sport and leisure facilities available for all

Labour will:

Libraries and Community Spaces

1. Review the use of the Life Centre considering more mainstream arts and community uses for it, whilst retaining existing library provision.

2. Increase library book stock acquisition funding and look at bringing back a library to Beddington as well as creating a library in Hackbridge, perhaps combined with other community facilities. Libraries are a social hub, information centre and a free open space, we need to protect them particularly for the vulnerable and poor.

Theatres and Cultural Spaces

3. Retain community and amateur theatrical use of Secombe and Charles Cryer Theatres. The closure of Wallington Public Hall and our theatres has left a gap that is not filled by the private sector. In the long run a proper borough theatre would be best placed in a better location in Sutton Town Centre. We will examine how co-operative enterprise can be developed as a way of running local theatres and other arts provision in the borough.

4. Oppose the privatisation of public space and seek to expand public spaces and meeting places. We will seek ways of opening up Times Square and the St Nicholas Centre for evening usage of their central spaces. There should be more facilities for social and cultural events at a reasonable cost.


5. Seek to protect existing free access to our museums and historic buildings. This has been fought for by Labour for many years and enabled by the last Labour Government and is important for enabling the less well-off access to local cultural facilities.


6. Improve art gallery space at Council libraries and museums

7. Compile a register of Sutton public art and look for any gaps in areas to be addressed through future planning gain.

8. Encourage the local development of inclusive digital arts as an accessible medium for all residents.


9. Continue to support existing festivals such as the summer arts festival plus the Carshalton Environmental Fayre. The Council will look to see whether any other borough or small-scale festivals could be developed with Local Committees and the local community.

10. Support the use of parks for open-air concerts and increase the number of concerts as part of the Sutton Festival.


11. Provide more under 10’s playground facilities in parks as well as "youth shelters" for teenagers and the installation of ballparks, rollerblading, cycling and skateboarding facilities. The Council will consider establishing a maze at Beddington Park. We will also seek to bring back drinking fountains in some parks to encourage healthy drinking of more water.

12. Investigate the option of entering into an agreement with the National Playing Fields Association to protect specific parks make sure locally accountable Community or Friends groups can assist with protecting our parks and drawing in further investment.

13. Make it clear that no other parts of the “Lodge Lands” in Carshalton will be built on after the current EcoLocal flats project.

14. Work with the Mayor of London to contribute towards London becoming the first “National Park City”

15. Follow RHS Guidelines on plant procurement policy.

Farms and Allotments

16. Promote the Sutton Community Farm, which carried out a successful 2nd share issue in 2017. Establish allotment holder co-ops where these are requested.


17. Look at the opportunity of developing a new Swimming Pool for Sutton on the existing Cheam baths site after public consultation. In addition, there should be a further artificial multisports pitch in the East of the Borough. These should be under social ownership.

18. Continue to welcome the recent success on the field of Sutton United. We will work with them and Carshalton Athletic and Sutton Common Rovers as local “anchor institutions” to encourage more community participation in football as well as encourage them to move towards maximum supporter involvement in their operation.

19. Provide free access to under 18 residents of the St Helier, Hackbridge and Wrythe local area to the David Weir Sports Centre as post-Olympic legacy and as part of a long-term plan to provide free leisure access to all young people in the borough.

20. Welcome and support Co-operative and not for profit charitable social enterprise run sports facilities such as the Sutton Sports Village and seek to encourage more services like them.


21. Convert Library and any Leisure discount cards to a residents' Freedom card that will give discounts on a wide range of Council services, library charges, youth services and private sector facilities.