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Labour Candidates - London Borough of Sutton – 2018 Elections

The candidates below are locally campaigning for the policies in this document: 

Carshalton and Wallington Constituency

St Helier, Hackbridge and Wrythe Local Area

St Helier: Nick Diamantis, Maggie Hughes, Patrick Sim

Wandle Valley: David Grant, Margaret Thomas, Ahmad Nawaz Wattoo

The Wrythe: Sheila Berry, Carlos De Sousa, Paul McCarthy

Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Area

Carshalton Central: Marilynne Burbage, Margaret Onians, Tony Thorpe

Carshalton South: John Clay, Anas Ahmad Khan, Christine Savignani

Beddington and Wallington Local Area

Beddington North: Sarah Gwynn, John Keys, Charlie Mansell

Beddington South: Chris Cullen, Arnaldo Savignani, Alan Tate

Wallington North: Mike McLoughlin, David Towler, Mary Towler

Wallington South: Bobbie Lambert, David Murray, Callum Roper 

Sutton Local Area

Sutton Central: Stephen Adams, Bonnie Craven, Vic Paulino

Sutton North: Emily Brothers, Teresa O’Brien, Victoria Richer

Sutton West: Andy Cook, Laura Mullaney, Christopher Woolmer

North Cheam and Worcester Park Local Area

Stonecot: Ray Eveleigh, Paul Prior, Gerald Tasker

Worcester Park: John Evers, Liz Martin, Ann Morrison

Nonsuch: Kirsty Archer, Kerrie Peek, Karon Witham

Belmont, Cheam and South Sutton Local Area

Sutton South: Kathryn Brennan, Tessa Cornell, Ron Phillips

Belmont: Gale Blears, Margaret Sinclair, Marian Wingrove

Cheam: Victoria Barlow, Helen Martin, Jane Rodger