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A well-planned Borough with good public transport

We need good infrastructure such as good shops and good transport links to ensure the borough thrives

Labour will:


1. Support the continued viability of Sutton High Street and the district shopping centres. We will undertake a full environmental impact analysis before planning consent is given to any significant development or change of use. We will use the Council’s planning, parking and landlord role to improve Sutton and Wallington Town centres encouraging arts and culture-based regeneration as well as start-up, creative and niche artisan producers to make our High Streets better places to go. We will look for opportunities in Sutton to bring back a covered market, like the successful ones there still are in Tooting and Brixton

2. Oppose out of town shopping centres. Sutton needs investment in its local retailing infrastructure enabling people to shop locally without over reliance on the car

3. Review our planning and licensing guidelines to stop the spread of fast-food outlets. We will also seek to limit the spread of payday lenders and betting shops as well as fast food outlets close to schools.

4. Have a planning policy that protects pubs, live music venues, meeting spaces and other public spaces. It is Important to protect community and communal spas and prevent them being built on e.g. our High Streets going for housing rather than shops/leisure. We recognise local pubs have the scope to be community hubs and want to avoid any further local decline from 65 that existed in 2000 down to 38 now

5. Oppose housing developments that lead to heavily isolated “gated” communities (though general security entryphones are acceptable) or produce inequalities such as “poor doors” with a development including affordable or social housing having different levels of services.

6. Maintain and seek to improve existing and proposed conservation areas and Areas of Special Local Character.

7. Maintain a clear commitment to fully protect Metropolitan Open Land at Rosehill Recreation Ground and other places. We will also continue to protect Sutton’s current Green Belt boundaries.

8. Resolve the issue of Victoria House in North Cheam with a focus on providing affordable public housing with social rent levels

9. Explore how we can improve road layouts in the Central Road and Green Lane area of Worcester Park looking for whether future developments allow the opportunity of creating a new crossing point through the railway line that funnels traffic into too few roads.

10. Ensure planning policy makes it is easier to retrofit buildings with insulation and energy generation equipment (eg solar panels) with more advice as well as loft clearance help. The aim should be to get to a situation where all local buildings generate sustainable energy and make it easier to encourage solar power

11. Review street scene to reduce Sutton High Street clutter to assist the disabled after it’s appalling redesign of it under the Liberal Democrats. The Town centre master plan needs to be considered, regarding accessibility, particularly Sutton High Street and Hackbridg

12. Want to see the development of Co-op gardens or allotments with a priority for those in areas where flats pre-dominate.

13. Review the Community Involvement Policy, including more Neighbourhood Planning across the borough after the pilot in Hackbridge.

14. Operate a 'good neighbour' policy and inform local residents about proposed changes for Council owned land close to where they live with time for discussion before final decisions are taken.


15. Continue to support the Freedom Pass for the elderly and disabled.

16. Work with the Mayor of London to develop a proper transport plan and policy for the whole borough. This would include making the case for all of Sutton to be in Zone 4 perhaps done in phases.

17. Lobby the Mayor of London to establish a proper black cab rank at Wallington Station as well as extend a Night bus from Morden, past St Helier Hospital to Wallington Station, thus making it a more effective transport hub. We also support an X26 bus stop for Beddington Village

18. Support an extension of Tramlink to Rosehill and St Helier Hospital via Willow Lane and on to Sutton Town Centre as part of a wider planned extension of the network as far as the proposed Cancer Hub in Belmont. However, Tramlink must not be provided at the expense of the Thameslink service between Sutton, Wimbledon & Luton. We will campaign for a weekend metro service on that line. We will also work with the Mayor of London to ensure Worcester Park Station benefits from the Crossrail 2 Project as well as press for no reduction of services from Hackbridge, in preparation for an expansion of train services after they are taken into public ownership under a Labour Government. We would also support the Mayor of London being given control of Southern Rail suburban metro services and will press him to extend the London Overground to Epsom Downs from West Croydon, which will also benefit the Cancer Hub project.

19. Seek to improve local cycling infrastructure and network of cycle paths in conjunction with local cycling groups including more ‘quiet and safe routes’ to encourage increased usage. We want to see cycle sharing schemes extended to Sutton along with the Mayor of London’s bike scheme perhaps around the town centre to start.

20. Prepare for the electrification of transport and support more electrical cars. We will explore the possibility of charging points at lampposts particularly in streets with no off-street parking and the Council will apply for government funding which the Council has so far not bothered to do. We will also review the likely local impact of driverless cars on borough roads.

21. Review existing traffic calming schemes such as Road Humps to see they are still effective as well as the STEPs system. We will establish a review mechanism whereby unnecessary ones are removed and look at alternative traffic calming schemes such as the Dutch model

22. Encourage the introduction of more “Home Zones” across the borough where traffic speed is restricted to 20mph if that is acceptable to the majority of residents.

23. Allow no further large road building except that required for access to new developments.